April 17, 2004

jekyll and hyde...

those who read my blog probably think of me as a very laid back and mild mannered person, which i am - most of the time. friday, however, i was engaged in quite a debate at the local target - a store, i urge all of you to never shop at again. their smirking customer service people could do nothing but parrot their policy over and over, despite my rational and thorough description of why my case should had been an exception. their phone support was not much better - even giving me the wrong manufacturer's phone number.

when i mentioned this to a friend, she mentioned how cool it would of been had i been banned from target and had my picture posted to warn employees about me. she was right. i guess i didn't try hard enough. but, through the magic of photoshop, i created what i imagine the poster would have looked a little something like this...


Posted by Mike at April 17, 2004 11:19 PM
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